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The Pequannock Soccer Club

What is Pequannock Soccer Club?

Established in 1978, Pequannock Soccer Club is a nonprofit organization that provides a professional, competitive, safe, and positive soccer environment for youth soccer players ages 5 – 16. The focus is on player development while being competitive. The ultimate success of the program is not measured by wins and losses. It is determined by the willingness of the children to want to play again the next year because they had fun, improved their skills, and matured through teamwork, sportsmanship, commitment and self-confidence.

What is the Club’s Mission?

Pequannock Soccer Club strives to enable children to have fun playing soccer at the highest competitive level possible. We aim to provide training and competition based on the individual capabilities (all skill levels are welcome, but it is possible that not everyone makes a team). For players to reach their highest potential, we promote the importance of sportsmanship, self-confidence, social development and leadership abilities. In addition, we support important life (and soccer) skills such as responsibility, teamwork, discipline, commitment and fair play.

What is the Club’s Vision?

Pequannock Soccer Club is committed to skill development, personal growth, family, community, and creating memorable life experiences centered around a passion for the game of soccer!

Summer Training Schedule

 All training will occur at Greenview. 

2011/2012 Boys and Girls:  7/24 6-7pm, 8/4 6-7pm, 8/7 6-7pm

2010 Boys and Girls:  7/28 5-6pm, 7/31 7-8pm, 8/4 5-6pm, 8/7 7-8pm

2008/2009 Boys:  7/28 6-7pm, 7/31 6-7pm, 8/7 5-6pm, 8/11 6-7pm

2008/2009 Girls: 7/24 7-8pm, 8/4 7-8pm, 8/7 8-9pm, 8/11 5-6pm

2006/2007 Boys and Girls - 7/24 8-9pm, 7/28 7-8pm, 7/31 8-9pm, 8/11 7-8pm

Fall Season Starts


Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Registration

Anyone interested in playing in Fall 2019/Spring 2020 please contact Al Savastano


Pequannock Soccer Apparel

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Fall 2019/Spring 2020

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Al Savastano


Phone: (973) 819-2755